Bishop Sandra Prewitt

Why many Christians choose to skip church

As another Sunday morning quickly approaches, millions of Christians will choose not to attend church. According to statistics, 63% of Americans who identify themselves as Christians, will decide to skip the pews and the holy water this week.

Why will so many choose to pass on a significant opportunity to strengthen their faith and maintain a vital connection with God? For those who elect to “stay away for a day,” the reasons are as numerous as the individual themselves. But, “why” is not as important as the fact that so many choose to bypass such a crucial part of Christian development and sustained spiritual growth.

Nurturing and maintain a relationship with God, publicly acknowledging His importance, and openly praising Him for His goodness and mercy, stand as the most important things anyone could do throughout their lifetime. Those who choose not to consistently work on maintaining a relationship with Christ, leave an empty space. If not God, something or someone else will occupy that void.

We all know that maintaining any important relationship is not easy. But, those who have been blessed enough to experience the happiness resulting from being a part of a good relationship, will agree that all of the work required to do so, is well worth it. A good relationship with God is built minute by minute, hour by hour, and Sunday to Sunday.

Written by:  Sandra Prewitt

Posted in WORDS on January 30, 2016.