Bishop Sandra Prewitt

What can prevent suicide?

Could the answer to preventing suicide lie in the redemptive value of religion? Unsurprisingly, experts say that people of faith are less likely to commit suicide. Yes, people of faith know that there are answers to life’s problems beyond the realm of a narrow worldly view. Because we are made of flesh, and because we live in a troubled world, problems will undoubtedly find their way to our doorsteps. Religion provides us with the foundational support needed to give us hope for the future, in spite of the (seemingly) insurmountable problems of the day.

Each year in Tennessee, more men, women and youth die from suicide, than from homicide, AIDs or drunk driving. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among youth and young adults ages 10-24. The state currently has a suicide rate higher than the national average, earning it the distressing distinction of ranking 13th in the nation for suicide. It is very disturbing to consider the fact that so many people (especially the very young) could believe that suicide is the ultimate problem solver.


Written  by Sandra Prewitt

Posted in WORDS on July 17, 2014.