Bishop Sandra Prewitt

Children in Church: Nurturing Hearts of Worship

The concept of children attending formal worship services is probably as old as the tradition of worship itself. However, Curt and Sandra Lovelace have endeavored to break new ground in addressing issues relevant to the role of children in the church. “Children in Church: Nurturing Hearts of Worship,” provides insight into challenges currently facing families and church leaders, as they courageously seek to disciple their children in accordance with established biblical principles.

The authors use the bible as the foundation for constructing their case regarding the importance of children in church. From a historical perceptive, they point out that over the span of centuries, children have been actively involved in religious observances, parents are the “God-appointed guardians” of their children, and Jesus believed that children were important, and they could also serve as a source from which others could learn.

Overall, the Curt and Sandra Lovelace succeeded in offering thoughtful discussions, relevant explanations, and practical solutions toward the goal of finding a meaningful place for children in church, providing them with the opportunity to become active members of the body of believers.


Written by Sandra Prewitt

Posted in WORDS on July 29, 2014.