Bishop Sandra Prewitt


  • Food Valentine's Wine

    Addiction, religion and hope

    In a quest to better understand the disease of alcoholism, participation in several Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings throughout the city, provided invaluable insight.  Before hearing the heart wrenching and troubling stories of  alcoholics and recovering alcoholics, one would initially ask, “Want went wrong?”  The answer to that question and so many others, is as  close […]

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  • Mexico Violence

    Losing their religion: Why are young people rejecting church?

    Recent studies indicate that young people are leaving the church in droves.   As they grow and mature, they are leaving their religion behind them (in the past), rather than taking it with them into the future.  For a number of reasons, many young people have consciously decided to reject the religious beliefs instilled in them […]

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  • 1mlk-512x250

    Martin Luther King and the Rhetoric of Freedom

    In Martin Luther King and the Rhetoric of Freedom: The Exodus Narrative in America’s Struggle for Civil Rights, author Gary S. Selby embarks upon a detailed analysis of select sermons presented by civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to demonstrate how King (and other civil rights leaders) evoked the “Exodus” narrative to create […]

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  • 1lee

    Remembering Jarena Lee: Can women preach?

    Jarena Lee was the first female preacher of the first African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church and inevitably one of the first women to challenge notions of patriarchy in religious culture. When Jarena Lee first met with her pastor (Reverend Richard Allen), she spoke of her call by God to preach the gospel. According to Lee, […]

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  • 1warning

    Warning: Be careful about what you believe

    A recent Sunday morning visit to a local church provided insight into a dangerous mindset that has apparently spread from the walls of congress, to the streets of our cities and neighborhoods, into the holiest of places, the church. It is alarming to consider the reality that confusing and potentially dangerous propaganda is flowing from […]

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  • 1pros-512x250

    Praying for prosperity: Who is really prospering?

    Unemployed? Overwhelmed by debt? Need money?   Just faithfully pay tithes and offerings to the church, and you will be blessed, repaid, and rewarded through divine intervention (according to the prosperity preachers).  Prosperity gospel is a Christian religious belief, largely promoted by prosperity ministers. The controversial doctrine centers around the idea that God provides unimaginable prosperity […]

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  • Pope Benedict XVI Visits Freiburg

    The Pentecost: We still need the fire

    Traditionally celebrated fifty days after Passover time, the Pentecost was initially celebrated as a Jewish harvest festival when first fruits were offered to God. Following the crucifixion of Jesus, and the dramatic events described in the book of Acts, it came to have added significance. Jesus was crucified at Passover time. Three days after the […]

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  • sp3

    The Bible and your decisions: Freewill or predestination?

    The Christian Bible teaches concepts of both freewill and predestination. Throughout Scripture, the Bible continuously instructs mankind to make righteous decisions by way of freewill. However, many interpret a few select verses to mean that mankind does not have the freewill to do good or make certain life decisions. There are only two chapters in […]

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