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  • Jetliner Crash Anniversary

    Closing the doors of the church

    There is a current movement in religious circles aimed at eliminating the “invitation to Christ” portion of traditional Protestant worship services.  The process that some denominations refer to as “opening the doors” of the church, has served as a ceremonial cornerstone for generations.  The invitation is usually extended toward the end of worship services, following the pastoral […]

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  • Pakistan Daily Life

    Children and the Bible: Do they truly understand?

    As a five year old child, Courtney Peterson attended church on a regular basis (at least twice each week).  She even participated in Vocational Bible School, children’s church, and other biblical study programs designed specifically for children in her age group. When the time came for her to attend school, her parents (having very strong religious […]

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  • tupac2

    Does pop culture have spiritual influence?

    Time has proven that popular culture can and does influence spirituality. The question then should be “How?” Certainly, pop culture influence on spirituality can be either positive or negative. Consider the late rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur. Many years after his death, Tupac’s musical lyrics continue to serve as a type of Bible for many inner […]

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  • Michael Cole

    Praise God and pass the venom: Religious freedom in worship

    Believe it or not, in twenty-first century America, some Christian churches continue to engage in the dangerous act of passing around venomous serpents, as part of their worship experience.   The snake handling ritual is more often practiced in rural areas among Pentecostal, Holiness, and Church of God with Signs Following churches.  Their members, who are […]

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  • j0444361(2)

    Homelessness: Who cares?

    Homelessness is not a serious problem in this country. That is, if you are not one of the 3.5 million Americans who live on the streets, or if you are not one of the nearly one-half million individuals who are on the verge of joining the ranks of the destitute homeless. Once again, who cares? […]

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  • Pakistan Daily Life

    Women of a submissive nature

    It is very difficult for most modern Christians  to believe that in the twenty-first century, many still holdfast to the ancient religious belief, that women should live in submission to men.  Unfortunately, the “submissive” sentiment  is foundational for some churches.  Even today, it continues to occupy a dominate position in the doctrinal tenet of certain […]

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  • suit

    Are you suited for church?

    Today, deciding what to wear to church does not present as much of a dilemma as it may have ten years ago. With the dawn of the new millennium, a generational shift seemed to occur. More and more congregations began encouraging their members, and prospective members, to “come as you are.” Pushing aside the old […]

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  • Viktor Yushchenko

    Electronic church: High definition religion

    Television evangelism has been prevalent for decades, offering those who seek spiritual and religious guidance the opportunity to worship without leaving the comfort of their homes. As a steady decline in church attendance, nationally, becomes the subject of  conversations regarding religiosity,  the southern region of the country has managed to retain its “Bible Belt” crown.  […]

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  • Las Vegas Tunnels

    Can you spare a dime?

    No one would probably ever imagine that waiting in a fast food drive-through lane, could prove to be a life altering experience.  But, during a mid-week hurried lunch break, I encountered a downtrodden man who aroused my sympathy and forever changed my approach to giving.  Although I had a taste for burgers and fries, on […]

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  • Bank of America

    The Anointing of ATMs

    Debit or credit?  Not a question most would expect to answer while in the midst of communion with the Holy Spirit.  Yet, the sight of ATMs in sanctuary lobbies, has become an acceptable and familiar sight for some.  In mid 2005, the machines began appearing  predominantly in the south, and are now visible in sanctuaries […]

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