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  • candesbible

    Blacks in the Bible: Candace of Ethiopia

    Contrary to how we currently use the name Candace to identify one particular person, in ancient times it was not a proper name, it was the title for queens. Candace refers to a dynasty of female warrior queens of ancient Ethiopia who ruled throughout a 500 year time span. Make no mistake, Candaces were not […]

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  • Bible-Jesus-Simon-Cyrene-A

    Blacks in the Bible: Simon of Cyrene

    Simon was called upon by Roman soldiers to carry the cross of Jesus.  He was from the North African city of Cyrene and happened to be in Jerusalem the day Jesus was to be crucified. Along the road to his crucifixion, Jesus was forced to carry a wooden cross that seemed to become too heavy […]

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  • Considering Church

    Why many Christians choose to skip church

    As another Sunday morning quickly approaches, millions of Christians will choose not to attend church. According to statistics, 63% of Americans who identify themselves as Christians, will decide to skip the pews and the holy water this week. Why will so many choose to pass on a significant opportunity to strengthen their faith and maintain […]

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  • Portrait beautiful young man woman,

    Are men less religious than women?

    The perceived irreligious nature of men has been a subject of conversation for decades. Recent studies confirm that men are less likely (than women) to believe in God, pray, and attended regular worship services. Although male irreligiousness might be a revelation for some, it is not a new phenomenon. Since the early days of Christianity, […]

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  • bible

    5 most popular books in the Bible

    There is little doubt that the Bible is the world’s best-selling and most widely circulated book. Although it is impossible to know exact figures, it is estimated that nearly 4 billion copies of this book, have been printed and sold globally in the last five decades. The 5 most popular books within this magnificent book, […]

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  • China Daily Life

    Broken vows: Christians lead nation in divorce

    According to statistics, Southern Christians are more likely to experience divorce than members of other faith groups, living in other regions of the country. Alarming for fundamentalist, is the stark reality that Agnostics and Atheists experience a significantly lower rate of divorce than Christians.  Relating specifically to the South, low income, low educational attainment, and […]

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  • National Guard Called In As Unrest Continues In Ferguson

    Color should not matter

    “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed… “ James 5:16 At an early age, a young black girl set her sights on becoming a Supreme Court justice. Since kindergarten, the fourth grade honor student had been working toward the day when she could actively pursue a […]

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  • Mideast Lebanon Factory Collapse

    Prayer at Work

    Although church attendance across the country has been declining, the number of workplace chaplains has steadily increased.   More and more businesses are opting to utilize the services of spiritual caretakers to improve employee morale and productivity.  Aside from the obvious benefit of providing needed help to employees, companies choosing to embrace workplace religion, boast  reductions […]

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  • chc

    Children in Church: Nurturing Hearts of Worship

    The concept of children attending formal worship services is probably as old as the tradition of worship itself. However, Curt and Sandra Lovelace have endeavored to break new ground in addressing issues relevant to the role of children in the church. “Children in Church: Nurturing Hearts of Worship,” provides insight into challenges currently facing families […]

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  • j0444486(2)(2)

    What can prevent suicide?

    Could the answer to preventing suicide lie in the redemptive value of religion? Unsurprisingly, experts say that people of faith are less likely to commit suicide. Yes, people of faith know that there are answers to life’s problems beyond the realm of a narrow worldly view. Because we are made of flesh, and because we […]

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