Bishop Sandra Prewitt

Blacks in the Bible: Simon of Cyrene

Simon was called upon by Roman soldiers to carry the cross of Jesus.  He was from the North African city of Cyrene and happened to be in Jerusalem the day Jesus was to be crucified. Along the road to his crucifixion, Jesus was forced to carry a wooden cross that seemed to become too heavy for him to bear. And so, the Roman soldiers leading him to Calvary Hill to be crucified, seized Simon of Cyrene and put the cross on him, forcing him to carry it behind Jesus.

Simon was just passing through that day.  He had no idea that he would be called upon to carry such a heavy load. Surely, the wooden cross was a very troublesome unyielding burden, but he carried it for a few minutes and earned the honor of having his name recorded in the book of God.

The Bible does not describe any instance where Simon complained, refused to carry the cross or tried to run away from the heavy burden that was placed on him. We are only told that he carried the cross of Jesus.  

From time to time, each of us will be called upon to carry some type of heavy load. Although the load may not be a wooden cross weighing over one hundred pounds, some unexpected troubling event will enter into our lives, causing us to be caught off guard.

Simon of Cyrene serves as an example of how we should react when we are suddenly faced with a difficult situation. Like him, no matter what type of cross or burden may be called upon to carry at any given moment, we should courageously bear the load placed on us for a little while, and when the time comes, God’s glory and honor will be revealed.

Written by:  Sandra Prewitt

Posted in WORDS on February 17, 2016.