Bishop Sandra Prewitt

Blacks in the Bible: Candace of Ethiopia

Contrary to how we currently use the name Candace to identify one particular person, in ancient times it was not a proper name, it was the title for queens. Candace refers to a dynasty of female warrior queens of ancient Ethiopia who ruled throughout a 500 year time span.

Make no mistake, Candaces were not merely administrators concerned with managing the great wealth of their kingdom, nor were they figurehead leaders relegated to sitting on the sidelines.  Powerful and fearless, some of these women physically engaged in combat, dressed in armor, and wielded spears on the battlefield. They led their people to victory, time and time again.

We all know brave women who fight battles of all kinds each and every day. Although we may call them mother, wife, daughter, sister, teacher or preacher, they are all deserving of the title candace. Queens of Ethiopia stand as an example of how to plan, achieve, and stand strong. They exemplify courage, determination, and strength.

Written by Sandra Prewitt


Posted in WORDS on February 29, 2016.