Bishop Sandra Prewitt


Bishop Sandra Prewitt is a biblical scholar, writer, philanthropist and motivational speaker.   She has earned degrees from Tennessee State University (BS), Roosevelt University (PC), and Lipscomb University (MACM).  Bishop Prewitt has dedicated her life to promoting the kingdom of God, utilizing any and all means available.  As a faithful and committed servant, she has whole-heartedly endeavored to help elevate the social, spiritual, and economic status of the “least likely” in our society.

Over the span of a few decades, she has served in a variety of Christian leadership roles, successfully transitioning from the church kitchen to the pulpit.  Bishop Prewitt has assisted numerous churches in developing and implementing programs and activities designed to help direct the spiritual path of adults, youth, and children. 

 Seeking to further spread the good news, Bishop Prewitt embarked upon the creation of a radio ministry and an award winning syndicated column, popularly known as  “Positive’ly Sandra!.”  Her media pursuits have provided her with opportunities to promote spirituality using scripture, life circumstances, and humor, to convey positive and inspirational messages.

Continuing to travel down the path of help and compassion, Sandra served as the executive director of two non-profit organizations.  In recognition of her outstanding community service efforts, she was elected (by popular vote) to serve as a member of the Davidson County Democratic Executive Committee.   As a committeewoman, she was further elected by the governing body to serve as a regional vice-chairman.

Today, Bishop Prewitt serves as the founder and Executive Pastor of Branch of God Community Church.  She also serves as the Executive Director of JOY Outreach Ministries.  JOY is a non-profit organization charged with the divine responsibility to follow God’s commandment to love our neighbor as ourselves (Leviticus 19:18).  The organization’s mission is to help the homeless, the hurting, and the spiritually lost.  In furtherance of that mission, as a gospel driven speaker Bishop Prewitt endeavors to travel across the nation spreading the Good News of Christ.